The industrial park concept – success in your core business

Infrareal focuses on one core business area – site management. Our extensive, sharply focused expertise in real estate management, technology and infrastructures makes us your ideal partner. Our tried-and-tested service portfolio and consistent innovation competence make us stand out. We offer you holistic infrastructure solutions from a single source and make you specially tailored offers based on our preconfigured modular service components.



Pros among pros

We look after the companies in our industrial parks so that they are free to focus on their core business. Not only by offering services but also by dealing with investments: if every company had to take care of its own energy supplies, real estate management, waste disposal, safety, communication systems and health management, they would all have to invest a lot of money..


In industrial parks, things work differently: each company focuses on its research, development and production activities, and our operating companies do the rest – which includes looking after investments. Since we render these services for numerous companies at the same location, we can also make use of synergies. That means everybody saves – on costs, time and manpower.



Employees need security

Good staff are an invaluable asset. This is why we believe it is important to encourage our employees as well as making demands of them.

We give them secure jobs and the best possible opportunities for development – from knowledge sharing and rotating jobs within the group to managing “centres of excellence”.

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